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Emerging Fashion Designer Ann Lauren

Fashion History

I am honored to write a series of in-depth articles about the woman who is a fashion influencer, a true shapeshifter.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Miss Lauren when she was 17 years old while I was a contestant in her Florida USA Petite Model Pageant. All of us ladies knew that she was special, and a truly transformative person. Her message was clear it was one of empowerment, confidence, hope and bringing on change and diversity in the world of fashion and beauty during a time of the decadent supermodels.

Oh yes, this was a courageous and bold move for a young girl to dare to stand against an entire industry standard that had been carved in stone by the old brigade Vogue magazine.  What I knew precisely at that moment was Miss Ann Lauren was an unstoppable force of nature and we all wanted to be a part of a movement that would change the biased industry fashion standards. The best part was that Ann Lauren invented a platform that provided us a way to achieve our dreams of becoming pageant winners, models, and fashion warriors!

Incidentally, I am one of the winners of her nationally televised USA Petite Model Show, which was an awesome experience! As an African American, 5’5” and 30 something woman, it was a transformative experience for me to win a national pageant. At that time there were not any other African American petite model winners in the other known pageants.

Ann Lauren is an authentic paradigm shapeshifter who is undaunted about breaking stereotypes and supporting women of all ethnicities, heights and age range that is who she is. Lauren is a positive advocate and role model for women. She cares about the issues that are important to us. The best part of my meeting Miss Ann and winning her national show was that we became friends and sisters for life.

Ann Lauren began at age 16 as a petite model. From there she catapulted to the producer of the first and only celebrity endorsed, nationally televised pageants for petite women in the world. She became a television personality with appearances on Good Morning America, TMZ, Hard Copy, Current Affair, WGN Chicago Rachel Ray, UPN 9 News, ABC New York, Florida, Oregon, Texas, San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles News and many local affiliates nationwide have covered her at the live USA Petite Model Pageants, along with their winners.

Her next pivot in the fashion world was to emerge onto the internet scene by launching the only globally significant source for petite women Bella Petite Magazine. Millions of women have enjoyed a steady helping of fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle with a twist!

All the models featured on the covers are petite models and actresses, along with many of the most prolific and amazing editorial features.

Lauren has launched the careers of countless petite models worldwide, she has booked more magazine covers and editorials with petite models and actresses than every other magazine.

The Bella Petite Magazine model search is the only international model search in the world. Rest assured there will be more news on the horizon here.


For those of us who know Lauren, it comes to us at no surprise that she is leading the fashion industry with technology, that is what a Change Agent does they lead.

The newly minted fashion designer Ann Lauren is a natural fit for fashion. Many of us might wonder what took her so long, and why now?

To answer our questions, I went right to the source herself the vanguard of the fashion world, and most certainly for petite women. Ms. Ann Lauren’s storied career is one for the fashion history books for sure!

My focus today is about fashion and the woman who started the petite women’s movement. She staged a worldwide fashion takeover. Along with her passion for fashion and affinity for petite women’s issues, whereby she picked up the gauntlet for a modern-day takedown of the old fashion industry standards.


Here are some sample questions and answers, paired with the launch of the Spring and Summer Ann Lauren Capsule Collection.

Paulette Q: What took you so long, and why now are you launching a clothing line?

Lauren (A): The most simplistic approach to answering the first part of your question about “what took me so long,” I’d say it would be timing. It is always about divine timing and whether the world is ready for an ideological paradigm shift that pivots attention and acceptance away from so-called industry standards a fake set of rules indulged by the few. The world is not always prepared for change when you are.

The concept of launching petite models onto the fashion scene is much easier said than done, as they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” The same sentiment holds true for petite women becoming staples of the fashion world.

Undeniably, petite women are the last frontier for fashion to embrace and we have the world stage to accomplish it.  

Perhaps applying present-day logic, with a thorough review of fashion statistics and analysis of petite women globally, sprinkled with tech-savvy reviews, reveals we are da bomb!

Lauren (A): To address the second part of your question, “Why now?” Our time has arrived with the Digital Generation. In the age where information and technology have converged, we are no longer beholding to the old rules of business.

The traditional hang-ups of problematic brick and mortar fashion houses are literally going out of style and bankrupt quicker than the ink dries on a check.

Fashion designers of yesterday don’t really know what you the consumer wants. Consequently, we aren’t trapped by their four walls anymore, we have online shopping!  The beauty of the “Now” is that we are capable of merging technology and fashion as one.

The dawn of a new day has arrived in the fashion industry, and it will be shaken, not stirred.

Tech Fashion is a disrupter technology bringing us the genesis of an exciting new future! The time has come where we are able to envision a sustainable way of life.

The Ann Lauren Collection is the first 100% On-Demand clothing for women. There is no more waste when it comes to fabric. We have cleaner technology to create innovative original patterns to fabric.

Also, our technology offers sizing solutions for women that are 2XS to 4XL, which translates to be; Petite, Plus and Standard Sizes for fashion that fits women. The beauty is in the evolution of this technology that is on the eve of possessing the capability for producing precisely sized fashion.

Our cut-and-sew clothing is hand crafted by skilled artisans working on every design in the Ann Lauren Collection, so we are able to give you the highest quality that is ready-to-wear when you are!

Paulette close: Ms. Lauren thank you for everything you do and making it look so effortless. We’d love to see the behind the scenes work video, lol!

Now that you have appeared numerous times on the red carpet, runway shows and hosted events for other fashion designers it’s time for you take center stage! As a card-carrying member of the petite fashion movement, I am all in with you and I know all of my petite comrades are as well.

Written by  Paulette Szymoniak PHD.

Now let’s go shopping ladies!

Now let’s go shopping ladies!

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