Fashion Designer and FGI Rising Star Finalist Rolando Santana Endorses Bella Petite

Rolando-Santana-Runway-ModelsRolando Santana is currently in the midst of his ninth season participating in the prestigious AW13 Fashion Week to be held on February 16th at the Lincoln Center.  CoverCollage

Santana is not a follower in the fashion world, he is a trendsetting visionary who recognizes the evolution of the fashion industry standards, including the broader acceptance and acknowledgement of petites.

During the interview Rolando expressed his passion for featuring models that are not the industry norm in his campaigns and on the runway.  He also noted that he envisions petite models becoming part of the standards, just as we’ve seen full-figured models become more widely accepted.

He believes it will take a fashionable publication such as Bella Petite Magazine to usher petite women into fashion (and we agree)!

Santana accepted our invitation to have his casting department review Bella Petite Model Network members and our ‘Model of The Year’ winner for consideration to feature Bella Petite models during one of his Fashion Week shows and possibly even feature in his campaigns!

He went so far as to say, “it’s entirely possible that Bella Petite Magazine will discover the next Kate Moss.”

  • This is really exciting! I absolutely love that he considers women out of the industry norm! I will definetly follow his work and wish him the best as a designer also. The thought of having a possible opportunity to participate in Fashion Week with him, literally brings tears of joy! I love taking pics but runway is where my heart is! This is great news! I can’t even say thanks enough to the wonderful opportunities Ann Lauren & Bella Petite present. I’m so happy that I’ve discovered and became apart of Bella Petite!

    January 23, 2013
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    December 4, 2013