• Grilled Chicken Tomato Salad

      SUPERMODEL FOODS HEALTHY RECIPES AND LIVING TIPS Get ready for another fabulous feast of epic proportions! Our goal is to share with you the most glamorous food suited for every-body. This is a salad that even...

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  • Top 10 List of (un)Funny Comments Told To Petite Women

    We thought it would be fun to give you our top ten list of comments told to us, or overheard by petite women that we may not appreciate! Here’s some fodder meant to entertain you. It’s always...

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  • A World Exclusive Release The Cult “Love Removal Machine”

    Exclusive Bella Petite Magazine world premiere concert series produced in association with Khool Media, Inc., and Matt’s Sorum’s ‘Adopt The Arts’ official Concert release, both filmed and edited by Mr. Duck Machete for Duck Cine, LLC.  Check...

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  • Five Good Reasons To Own “The Little Black Dress”

    FIVE GOOD REASONS TO OWN “THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS” During tight economic times, the “little black dress” is one of the best fashion investments you can make.  Every petite woman looks great in it. Here are five...

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  • Revealing ‘Ideal’ Beauty Standards

    A recent study performed by doctors in the United Kingdom determines what the “ideal” female body and beauty expectations are and shows how they are different around the world. Essentially, they asked the simple question “how do...

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  • Top 5 Exercises to Improve Your Sex Life

    The ever elusive orgasm for some women is a healthy and happy benefit of life that we don't want you to miss out on, so we're going to tell you that "it" is within your reach.

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