• Hot Male Model Who Loves Petite Women! [petite models] [petite fashion]

    Ladies, here is a man worth paying attention too!  Meet a totally delicious hot male model, “Who Love’s Petite Women!”  My experience has been men prefer petites.  In fact, evolutionary facts support my point of view. Here...

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  • Sincerely Nia, “An August Adventure” [petite celebrity] [Nia Peeples]

    Let me ask you some questions: Do you feel alive?  Do you get excited?  Are you curious? Are you aware and living in the moment?  Or do you feel like you’re living in a box, in a...

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  • Have Petite Legs, Will Travel “ideal body” [petite women] [petite models]

    Petite Deformity of Another Kind “Distraction Osteogenesis…callus distraction…callotasis and osterodistraction are all part of the same thing – breaking the tibia and fibula, and inserting the Fixator – HUH?? Sounds like something out of a science fiction...

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  • Petite Celebrity Christina Ricci on “Height”

    CHRISTINA RICCI This feisty, petite actress made her film debut at the age of nine in the movie Mermaids, alongside singer Cher.  Let’s not forget her strange, goth-like performance as the dark and dreary daughter “Wednesday,” in The Adams Family....

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  • Petite Inspiration Babi Mac

    Written by Angela Phillips a Bella Petite Regional Director and newly contributing writer. Life is sometimes very tough.  We often think our journey is far more difficult than others and feel like giving up.  When I feel...

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  • Facebook Ranks At The Bottom For Customer Service

    My experience with FaceBook seems to mean “business” as usual for FaceBook.  A recent report on ABC 7 News shows FaceBook to be one of worst companies for customer service ranking them at the bottom along with...

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