• Pop Star Lady Gaga

      HOT PETITE FEMALE POP STAR LADY GAGA DOMINATES By Ann Lauren: Here it is, I promised another eye popping reality check story on how petites dominate the WORLD!  No doubt petite women rule entertainment and rock...

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  • THE DOWNSIDE TO BEING SHORT…According to Mainstream Media

    Please note: that all the information contained in this article was found in Allure Magazine with stats and research provided by psychologists Linda A. Jackson and Kelly S. Irvin of Michigan State University. In addition to ABC 20/20...

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    Musical Heights: Short Male RockStars By Ann Lauren: More on the truth about height in entertainment. We’ve done the research and this is what we found out. The omnipotent rock gods with all powerful talent rocking our...

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  • What they are saying about the future of petite models in the fashion industry.

    The truth about height in professional modeling… When I began breaking into the modeling industry, I constantly was told, “you need to be taller for fashion.”  Since then I’ve produced hundreds of events with petite models. I have...

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  • Retailers Support the Future of Petites in the Fashion Industry

    Retailer Support the Future of Petites! By Ann Lauren: The realization is majority of women are 5’5″ tall and under. The average size woman is 5’3″ in the US.  The fashion industry considers petite women to be...

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